We are closed tomorrow – 19 July 2021

18th July 2021

Sorry for the very short notice but one of our team has just got their test results and unfortunately they were positive.
We will therefore not be open at Ibrox Parish Church tomorrow. Despite the public holiday we would have been open as usual.
A lot of people are acting as if Covid is over. It very much isn’t and this news reminds us of this. Not that we need reminded. We have been so careful throughout Covid and as a result that this is the first time that our Ibrox Centre has had to close because of it.
Your prayers, good wishes, crossed fingers, positive thoughts or whatever feels right to you are welcome.
At this stage we expect to be open on Wednesday and Friday as usual and to be open again next Monday. However, we will continue to be as careful and cautious as possible to protect our wonderful team and also the people we serve.
Please watch this space for updates, share this post, contact us by message, on 07708-504130 or [email protected]
Thank you.
And please, please, please – STAY SAFE.

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