Coronavirus Update

24th March 2020

We have had to take some fairly drastic measures to enable us to continue to operate although on a reduced basis.

We are down to two branches for the time being and this is subject to change at short notice.

We are operating a “social distancing policy” and trying to ensure the two metre’s separation.  This means that we regrettably are unable to welcome those whom we serve into the buildings and provide them with tea, coffee, toast, biscuits.  And we are asking for thoughtful queuing outside observing that distance.  We don’t like the idea of people queuing at foodbanks (we don’t like the idea of people needing foodbanks!) but we are doing what we must and as much as we can.

There are details elsewhere on this site about how to donate to us. And we need donations – especially the items that we can’t buy from supermarkets because they are flying off the shelves faster than their wonderful staff can fill them – toilet rolls, long life milk, soap, tinned food, pasta. If you can find any and don’t need it for your immediate needs – please consider donating it to those who need it more.

Thank you – and we hope you and your family, friends, and colleagues are well – and stay well!

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